2022.2 Release Notes [May 31st, 2022]


Changes / Updates

Taxes on Ancillary Items:

  • Added the ability of setting up a tax list based on country and/or airports to be applicable to ancillary charges. 
  • This will have no impact on existing ancillary templates or calculations unless taxes are configured.

  • Once set on a carrier basis, it will apply taxes to the charges based on the airport or country setting

  • Taxes will appear in the receipt. There is also an Ancillary Taxes report.

More on Ancillaries can be found visiting Setup taxes documentation

Ancillary Templates by Route Table

  • Added the functionality of creating flight route groups that can be used to set Ancillary Templates, 

  • You can go to MAINTENANCE --> AIRPORTS --> FLIGHT ROUTE to create groups for the routes and add the routes applicable.

  • You can use these route groups as a way to auto assign ancillary templates.

More on this can be found here: Setting up Routes

Carrier Configurations are now moved to a centralized Service Data

  • Carrier configurations (SSR categories, Aircraft configuration, Overflight Routing, Payment Gateways, Voucher Configuration, Delay Codes, Profiling Rules, Travel Document Types) have been moved to a centralized service data.
  • This allows for easier configuration of carriers when a carrier needs to be added to another database (for sub services for example).

Sort Passenger Manifest by Seat Number:

  • Added the option to sort the Passenger Manifest Report by SEAT number. Please note this option is enabled on the backend, so we have to be informed to enable it.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements:

"Show Inbound Flights" filter not working:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the "show inbound flights" filter to not display flights properly.

Error on adding Flight Remarks:

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when saving flight remarks

Health Check Attestation update on Web and Kiosk:

  • Added enhancements and changes to the health attestation portion on web check-in and kiosks.

Weight Distribution Report on multi-stop flights not printing accurately on DCP printers:

  • Fixed an issue where printing weight distribution reports on individual legs on DCP printers would result in printing full flight values and not the leg requested.

2022.2 Application Change Log

Feature ID Name
3581 Added Custom Properties for Payment Gateways
3422 Moved Overflight Routings to AC_Service Data
3344 Migrate Airline Choice Application/Database settings to Service Data Settings
4997 Added AuthorizeTransaction for 777 Partners API
4862 Added "Routes" and "Routes Group"
3732 mPhasis Integration
3247 Moved Voucher Templates to Service Data
3425 Moved SSR categories to AC_Service Data
3426 Moved Travel Document Types to AC_Service Data
3419 Moved Delay Codes to AC-Service Data
3579 Moved Profiling Rules Titles to AC_Service Data
3420 Moved IrregularOperationsActions to AC_Service Data
3418 Moved Announcement Types to AC_Service Data
3337 Moved SSR Codes to AC_Service Data
3315 Created Taxes template for Ancillary Items
4946 Fixed error on Flight Remarks